Young People Terms


A SIMPLE WAY OUT IS NOT ALWAYS THE MOST INTERESTING OR EDUCATIONAL You want to talk to somebody abroad, how? Simple. Pick up your phone, or turn on your computer; right? Wrong. You can talk by phone or computer, but

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Radiosport on Extreme Level


All Eyes Are Fixed on the Starting Grid and Lights Flash! All eyes are fixed on the starting grid – the engines are revving up – the air is thick with the smell of high octane fuel – the starting

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The Land of Telecommunication


POLAR BEARS CAN SWIM 200 KILOMETERS, SO CAN RADIO WAVES Amateur radio has always been part of the telecommunication landscape. Here in the Far North, inherent in telecommunication is the mystique of people using radio waves to reach out to

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Arctic Approach Under Aurora Oval

LIFE UNDER THE AURORAL OVAL UP IN THE NORTHERN PARTS Upon reaching the Arctic Circle visitors will witness the eighth wonder of the world and are likely to find life seemingly tough, with everything turned against those living there. During

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