Antti OH7EA

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Antti Nevantaus


27 (born 1980)

Call sign(s)



DX-operations: OH0EA, OH0KMG, OJ0B

When did you start contesting?

I think the first contests were some novice ones during the first or second year I got my license in 1993. But only recently I've been participating for real (IARU 2007). That was the first true entry for me.

What are your goals in contesting?

To improve my skills in all possible things related to contesting, hopefully to make a good score in Single or Multi Op environment one day.

Which are your favorite contests and why?

CQWW has been and still is my favorite because of all the action and activity, good operators and nice DX-peditions filling the bands.

Most memorable Contest, explain why

That must the IARU 2007 contest as OH2HQ, operating from Arkala on 20m CW. Although conditions were far from good, I had a good time and enjoyed the contest from a fantastic station with a great set-up for 20m.

Sweetest Victory, why

None so far.

Personal Contest improvement target areas

Oh dear...just about everything. Learning the software & hardware, low band conditions, tactics, SO2R etc.

Other interests in Life

Family, photography, food&wine

Contact details

Antti.nevantaus “at”