WAE 2008 CW

WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: OH8X
Operator(s): OH2UA
Station: OH8X

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs QTCs Mults
80:    55        78      29
40:  277        191    56
20:  535       1264   73
15 :  58        57      29
10:     5        0         5
Total: 830 1590 498

Total Score = 1,191,216
Club: Contest Club Finland

Oh boy, it was hard from up here!

Had nice start with some descent one hour run on 20M before QSY to 40M. 40M was
also quite productive and I could even work some West-Coast before taking my 1st
break at 04:30Z when bands closed.

Actually almost entire 1st day went quite smoothly, except nothing on 10M. At
half way point 00Z I had still quite nice numbers of 650Q’s, 1000QTC’s and

But then it came, Ms Aurora. Not much, but enough to block everything. I guess
that most of you guys didn’t even notice it. But up here, we were gone. After
midnight had nothing on 80, nothing on 40 and nothing on 20. All I could do was
to take my last break, stay away from radio and hope that propagation would
build up.

Because of that rule of maximum of 3 off-periods, I was forced to stay QRT
whole Sunday morning low-band opening. Well, I guess that I didn’t miss that
much, because there was only that quiet hiss of Ms. Aurora on the bands, and of
course other Europeans working nice pileups I couldn’t hear a thing.

Because of nice 1st day, I still had some changes for new OH-record and I need
some qualification points for WRTC, so decided to stay on chair try as hard as
I could, even tough I knew that I have no change to compete with other

It was loooong 2nd day, but QTC traffic made it somehow interesting. And at the
end I was happy to claim new OH record with some 15kpts marginal event ought 2nd
day produced only 180Q’s, 590QTC’s and 78mults.

Thanks for everyone for QSO’s and QTC’s. I’ll be back at WAE SSB
hopefully with somewhat better propagation.

73 de Toni, OH2UA