WAE 2008 SSB

WAE DX Contest, SSB

Call: OH8X
Operator(s): OH2UA
Station: OH8X

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Arcala
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs QTCs Mults

80:     5     50     32

40:   196    101    59

20:   1717   1045   97

15:     12     27    7

10:      0      0     0
Total: 1980 1223 513

Total Score = 1,614,411

Club: Contest Club Finland


It was a lot of fun again on WAE SSB. A great battle of European single operators, mostly because everyone is squeezing the last points for WRTC 2010. Thank you guys for great weekend, it’s always a pleasure to have tight competition!

For us, this was the last test of the largely rebuild OH8X station before SAC and CQWW. During summer we’d change all RF switching and control logic and new we’re relaying on fantastic relay units from microHam controlled with Station Masters and our own station automation. You can see the picture of SO2R 4×10 RF matrix at the last page of new PileUp magazine (http://www.helsinki.fi/~korpela/PU/PU2_2008.pdf)

Station performed fabulously without any single problems during the weekend, so I guess that we’re ready for this contest season!

Once again propagation up in Arctic Circle was something totally different than what other in further South had. I just couldn’t leave 20M NA runs so my low band totals are somewhat less than what others have. On  sunday I felt the other side of Northern propagation when slight increase of K index blocked low bands totally. I couldn’t hear any single JAs’ on 80M while others were spotting JA5AQC booming like local in EU. Also getting QTCs’ on 20M was quite difficult when most of the stations gave me serial number of 001 😉

Fortunately I didn’t get beaten too badly by Tonno, ES5TV. So I still hope to gain some points for WRTC qualification. I realized that I’m having some problems of getting all 8 contests for WRTC, because operating so many contest from CU2A lately. Most likely I’m getting 7 scores form CU2, but only 4 of those can be counted for WRTC qualification.

Next weekend SAC CW OH8X will be operated by Pasi, OH6UM and I’ll be heading “back home” when putting station OH2BH on air.

See next weekend on SAC,

73 de Toni, OH2UA