Ville OH2MM

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Ville Hiilesmaa



Call sign(s)

Current calls: OH2MM OH0MM OH0E EA8EA WE3A PY2ZEA


Every CQ WW Contest, CW & SSB, since 1965

When did you start contesting?

My first contest was a local OH-contest in 1959 at the age of 16. Living in the OH5-area in the1960’s, I was part of the OH5SM Multi-Multi team

What are your goals in contesting?

Enjoying serious efforts in CQ WW, Single OP and Multi-Op. Planning and making strategy are also exciting.

Which are your favorite contests and why?

CQ WW is, by far, the best one because it’s so busy and hectic. It’s a real challenge. I prefer CW but I like SSB as well.

Most memorable Contest, explain why

CQ WW CW 1991 SOAB as EA8EA. That was a kind of “inauguration” of our brand new Canary Island contest site.

Sweetest Victory, why

My sweetest victory was winning Europe (& EU Record) in CQ WW CW for the first time. That was in 1969 with my previous call OH5SE. As with girl friends, “the first one was the sweetest...”

Personal Contest improvement target areas

I’m kind of “retired” from the 48-hours-no-sleep kind of contesting. I already had my share of that during the past 4 decades. I’m now inclined to more social type of contesting.

Other interests in Life

Family and profession (medical doctor). No time for sailing, golf, etc. because HAM radio occupies most of my leisure time.

Contact details