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Challenges of Next Generation Internet from User Point of View

This prensentation took place in The 11th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communication, September 8.-11.2008 in Lapland, Finland. More information about the conference can be found at

Juha Hulkko OH8NC, Chairman of Centre for Wireless Communications Steering Board, Finland


Internet, as we know it nowadays, is not a natural way of people to communicate. Internet pages are slowly updated and consist mostly of text and pictures. Finding information rely on search engines and links added by other people. In today’s Internet we lose lot of information because not seeing or even hearing other people, their expressions, body language and strain of voice.

In this plenary some of the endless possibilities as well as challenges of next generations Internet will be opened up. Next generation Internet will move closer to real life and exploits the same elements and methods people naturally use in their everyday life. One option of next generation Internet by combining virtual and real worlds will be introduced in this plenary.In this option based on virtual communities, Internet will be used by virtual worlds instead of browsers and people will remain their identity by having avatar that represents their selves in all virtual communities. At the same time gaining requirements of Internet connections will force us to find more efficient ways for wireless data transmissions and maybe even totally renew the architecture of web servers and usage ofpersonal computers.One demonstration of tomorrows Internet will take place at the end of speech, when combining the real world of amateur radio with next generations’ virtual world. In this live demonstration new techniques of Internet and the first ever global community of amateur radio will allow mixing the edge of virtual world and real life when operating remote located HF-radio station thru virtual world. In demonstration virtual world is executed with realXtend, next generations open source platform for virtual worlds.

More information on the virtual world platform:

OH8X Presentation in WPMC 2008 Conference