Radiosport on Extreme Level

All Eyes Are Fixed on the Starting Grid and Lights Flash!

All eyes are fixed on the starting grid – the engines are revving up – the air is thick with the smell of high octane fuel – the starting lights flash from red to green – the tarmac bears the marks of burning rubber – those leading the pack scramble to hit the first curve first – everyone hopes his gear will endure the whole race and his own juice last till the checkered flag.  Everyone has his fingers crossed for optimum weather for his own smartly tuned setup. Each one hopes he will make the finish line first. Everyone wants to get to the No. 1 spot on the podium with the biggest trophy.  Kisses for the dear ones and champagne for the winners are part of the scene.

Serious amateur radio contesting today is like any competitive sport at an extreme level, whether we like it or not. To get everything out of the operator, it takes a winning package – the station and the existing propagation.  And behind every successful single-operator score, there are a number of people working together with their expertise as a team.

That’s what we call Arcala Extremes – a radiosport team from the Far North making a maximum effort to reach the finish line first.

The Arcala Extremes team is in the process of building the best “racing car” for Amateur Radio contesting to hit the front row when the next Solar Cycle peaks up. Apart from the team’s own efforts, it also assumes the best engine supplier that we proudly stand for.

If your car is extreme and your driving strategy jells, you may have the ingredients that help you achieve all your desires as a sportsman.

The Arcala team has established test circuits in the Azores and Turkey to verify their technology and improve it further. There they plan to run the fastest lap for the time being, but when the time is ripe and their car and drivers are ready, they may race on the known circuits with their Northern spirit from the land where they were born and raised. That is an ultimate radiosport goal for the Radio Arcala team – Arcala Extremes.

In everyday life many youngsters are subject to selection, decision, competition and needed strategy to meet their personal goals in life. It is not strange that their passion and leisure activities should be related to their overall competitive appetite and desire. They love competition, they love breaking barriers and they love challenging the extremes.

It is interesting that in our sport – radiosport – all elements,state-of-the-art technology, human dimensions, the strength of team spirit and the skills of team leadership as well as  the available resources come together neatly on an extreme level. That’s why we sport on the radio waves.  You will enjoy our setup because we put it together most professionally and left no bolt loose.

Just join the spirit – and come on board in the next radio competition.

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