Bernie ZS4TX





Bernie van der Walt



Call sign(s)

7P8Z, ZS9X S572L OJ1W PW5I


Lesotho, Namibia, Penguin Island, Slovenia. Finland, Brazil, Azores

When did you start contesting?


What are your goals in contesting?

To forecast and achieve the best score possible from a specific location based on the advantages and disadvantages of that location. To build and maintain a regionally competitive contest station from Zone 38.

Which are your favorite contests and why?

CQWW CW – lots of activity and competition – good rates are possible and is a good test of operator skill as well as hardware and software functionality.

Most memorable Contest, explain why

CQWW CW 2009 – SOAB HP – Achieved 6th place overall from the ZS9X station as ZS4TX CQWW CW 2011 – SOSB 10m – Breaking the world record

Sweetest Victory, why

CQWW 2004 - Winning 15m SOSB CW against ES2RR from EA8EW with a marginal higher score. Toivo is a world class operator and WRTC 2010 medalist.

Personal Contest improvement target areas

Development of SO2R features and station automation as well as remote control capabilities.

Other interests in Life

Sport – JKA Karate – 3rd Dan

Contact details

bernie [at] mafrica co za